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Executive Developmental Coaching

Executive and Leadership Developmental Coaching is about challenging, supporting and empowering individuals to take responsibility by bringing awareness to blind spots, enabling them to live and communicate as a wholesome leader.

 3 month program (6 x 1hr sessions)

Messaging option between sessions

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High-Performance Coaching

High-Performance Coaching is targeted to individuals seeking guidance and improvement in their level of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. Individuals will learn strategies and develop new habits to accelerate performance.

 6 month program (12 x 1hr High-Performance Coaching sessions)

Session worksheets

Lifetime access to the online coaching program Healthy High-Performers

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Online High-Performance Coaching

All the benefits of High-Performance Coaching wrapped up in an online program to learn and apply at your own pace.

Lifetime access to the online coaching program Healthy High-Performers

Includes session recordings and worksheets

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Transformation 365

12 month program coming soon!

Transform how you look, feel and perform every day. This is a coaching program designed to help you excel in all domains of life. By taking a biopsychosocial perspective, this approach recognises that health, performance, behaviours, experience and preferences aren’t just random, they are the result of the interaction between biology, psychology and social contexts. This is a unique, individualised and thoughtful, whole person, whole life experience approach to allow one to thrive. The program is limited and applications open soon for the 2020 intake.

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Healthy High-Performer Online Coaching

We all have problems for which we are seeking solutions. Healthy High-Performers is a lifetime online coaching program to help you discover more about yourself and build new habits to improve your life. Start right away by following the link below.

25% of every purchase of Healthy High-Performers is donated to Rotary causes.

Help yourself grow and simultaneously provide for thousands of other people. Your purchase contributes to fuel global causes such as providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, fighting disease and supporting education in communities around the world.



My name is Tim Lauricella. 

Working with high-performing leaders and their teams, shining the torch on their blind spots, enabling personal growth and business performance is what I love. 

It is not just a job. It is my passion. 

When you work with me you will feel the care, compassion and challenge that comes through being fully present with you. My focus to get to the heart of the the matter will help you find the key to unlock more of your innate potential.

In my 17 years of international business, and 11 years of coaching experience I've learned to master one of the most valuable lessons: trying to do things alone will not serve you at higher levels.

I help people to change their mindset about who they are and what they can do. I help them to change their ability to make choices and try new things - to fully experience the world around them.

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"Used to doubt what coaching and other "motivational" approaches can bring, I finally got around to giving it a try, as the High-Performance Coaching as described by Tim was, I confess, quite inspirational as to the what, how and why… And yes, very very useful!! In these days of doubt and criticism of whatever is done, said or tried (hello Twitter and the rest of you….), I would tend to give in to getting caught up in my own mind. With Tim’s help to guide me through the steps, I could better understand myself, what strengths to use, what weaknesses to tackle, structure thoughts and mainly approaches towards goals and ambitions to fulfil. An enormous help, especially as an avid learner, I was struggling to find the right coaching, all too often geared to tell me what I wanted to hear rather than what I needed to hear to progress… Thanks Tim, and to everybody out there, one is never too senior to seek support, learn and grow……"

Group Vice President and 2xCEO

"Going through the High-Performance Coaching process was one of the best coaching experiences I ever had. I can recommend this without reservation. As a scientist by education, I like that the approach is grounded in research. The aspect of turning knowledge into habits – something actionable – is great, and I got some specific advise on actions out of every session. I call it “coaching +”, as there are proven tools given in addition to the work about everybody’s individual needs and focus areas, which I find very useful. Working with Tim on this was fantastic. It was easy to open up and he has a great way of connecting, listening and challenging at the same time. Having completed my 12 coaching sessions in January I still benefit as I am step by step reflecting and improving on my habits. Thank you so much Tim, you made a such a big impact to me, my life and my loved ones!"

Continuous Improvement Lead

"Entering the High Performance Coaching journey provided me with powerful tools, habits and mindset to successfully achieve my goals in life. Tim has been a perfect coach who guided my first steps in this journey, helped me to fully understand and exploit my personal skills and competences and left me with strong learnings and beliefs to pursue the journey. FutureAccel can power up your life as it did with mine."

Patent Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your needs. A normal coaching engagement lasts 3 months with a call every week.

I will coach you on a real topic that you want to address. You will experience my coaching style and find your answers, and I will learn if we are good fit to work together.

Focus, commitment, vulnerability, openness to think deeply about the questions I ask, patience and a reason for wanting to achieve breakthroughs in your life will allow you to take the most from each session. Be accepting and curious, not dismissive and you're on your way.


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